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Deer Tick

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Rhode Island pseudo-hillbillies Deer Tick are a difficult band to label. To simply call them alt-country would be misleading. They’re an unpredictable, truly original blend, taking in elements of punk, blues, folk, grunge, and of course country, to create a spectacularly raw sound. Wunderkind singer and principle songwriter John Joseph MCauley III is without a doubt one of the most charismatic and intriguing frontmen working in music today, with a voice of pure gravel and soul, sitting somewhere between Kurt Cobain and Gary Louris of The Jayhawks. Their raucous, spontaneous live performances have become the stuff of legends, and won them widespread admiration from fans and critics alike. Third album THE BLACK DIRT SESSIONS is their finest work yet, a deeply personal and gloriously dark record, driven by MCauleys cracked voice and heart-wrenching lyrics.

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